Choosing a Massage Therapy couch

Height is very important
It is best to have a hydraulic or electric couch which can be adjusted to any height during a treatment. But these are expensive and very heavy so a portable couch is the obvious and essential first choice.

fixed height couch is the usually cheapest option and ideal if you know what height you want. The only down-side is if you get an abnormally large or small client.

As a general guide to a normal working couch height for Soft Tissue Therapists:

  • Standing straight with your arm down by your side it should not come higher than your finger tip.
  • It should also be low enough to allow you to put one knee on the couch with the other foot flat on the floor.

Adjustable height couches are more common with the advantage that you can adjust them before treating extra large or small clients. Beware, some adjustable couches are very difficult to adjust and if the mechanism breaks on one leg the couch can be right-off.

Massage couch

For Soft Tissue Therapy the ideal width of a couch is 24 inches (610mm). Although a wider couch may be more comfortable for the larger clients and is more common in relaxing and beauty therapies, it is not so good for the therapist who has to lean further across it and should only be considered for therapists well over 6 feet tall

Face hole
You will need a couch with aface hole. The strongest and the most practical option is a hole in the main body of the couch. Some couches have a face ring that fits into the end which is good but not so strong or practical (one more thing to carry around, lose or break)

Foam thickness
For Soft Tissue Therapy you need a firmly padding couch (about 25mm foam) and not the soft padding you get with couches designed for more relaxing treatments.

Weigh, strength and stability
You want it to be light, strong and stable, especially for the deep pressure work we do. But this can’t be achieved without using expensive materials and good design which are not easy to judge from a picture and description on a website but price should be some indication.

Where to buy
There are lots available on the internet and we hope the advice here helps you make a good choice.

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