We have postponed the start dates for the Upgrade to Soft Tissue Therapy ISRM Diploma (BTEC level 5) to after the spring due to the Lockdown.

Although it has been a long wait we have made good use of the time by implementing significant improvements to our qualification.

ISRM is building an online library of talks and lectures which will be accessible to all our students at any time

ISRM is introducing a more evidence based approach to clinical practice by ensuring a modern narrative is used and by making the biopsychosocial model the framework of our intervention.

Provisionally we expect the first course to start in June and be run on 12 Sundays, about once every two weeks, over about 6 months. The cost will be £1,750 (or £650 deposit + 6 x £200 monthly payments = £1,850)

Upgrade to Soft Tissue Therapy, BTEC Level 5, from ITEC, VTCT or similar L3 or L4 Massage qualifications.

This Upgrade to Soft Tissue Therapy course will be available to those with:

A Level 3 Massage qualification plus 2 years or 400 clinical hours of experience.

A Level 4 Massage qualification plus 1 year or 200 clinical hours of experience.

Or similar

Access course
Because we have found a lack of consistency in the quality of training and accreditation on some other courses, not all therapists with the same qualification level necessarily have the same level of skill and knowledge. We need all students to be on a similar level at the start of the upgrade course so to achieve this we will run a short Access course at the start.

This will consist of a series of online video classes covering deep tissue massage and musculoskeletal anatomy. These are to be used for practice before attending a one-day assessment and practice workshop. We understand that therapists develop their own style and techniques so we will not be looking for particular set techniques, instead we will look at the general quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the way the individual therapist works.

Upgrade course
On the satisfactory completion of the Access course students can then continue onto the main Upgrade course. This will cover all the advanced Soft Tissue Therapy assessment and treatment techniques from our very well established BTEC Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy qualification.

It will be made up of 6 weekends or 12 one-day workshops spread over approximately 6 months. Between the classroom sessions there will be 3 written assignments and 3 Case Studies to complete as well as a theory and practical exam at the end.

The course is specially designed as a part-time course for working therapists and the written assignments are a very important and integral part of the learning process. We expect the average student will need to spend about 3-4 hours per week doing home study, in addition to the practice they get treating their clients. Although we set hand-in dates for the assignments which follow along with the course, we appreciate that it is not always possible for students to complete them in time.  We allow extra time because we want the assignments done well rather than rushed. We will allow up to one year to complete these assignments

Individual training centres will have slightly different formats depending on the local venue and tutor availability.

Our London venue will run the first course over 12 Sundays, each two weeks apart, starting 7th February 2021, and are now taking bookings.

This is temporarily postponed due to the Covid Tier 4 lockdown. Please express your interest below and we will contact you as soon as we reschedule it.

Other venues will be starting soon and you can register your interest here.