Introductory Sports Massage Courses

One weekend intensive hands-on workshop
£225 (inc VAT)

Learn all the main massage techniques for all main areas of the body, ideal for treating friends and family

A perfect introduction to our Soft Tissue Therapy Diploma course

Diploma Courses

BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in
(much more than sports massage)

12 Weekend workshops spread over one year,
With guided home study in between.

£3,150 (fully inclusive)

Upgrade Courses

The course covers all the advanced Soft Tissue Therapy assessment and treatment techniques from our very well established BTEC Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy qualification, available to experience massage therapists with Level 3 and 4 qualifications.
12 one day workshops spread over approx. 6 months.

£1,750 (fully inclusive)

Advanced Workshops (CPD)

Short advanced courses for qualified therapists
to further develop their clinical skills.

COVID – Student Support

Although Covid-19 is causing us many operational difficulties we are determined to run our courses as best as we possibly can, safely within the Government’s guidelines. It is a challenging situation but we are a small company that can adapt very quickly to change. Our BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy is our number-one operation and our primary focus. We get to know our students and aim to support them all in the best way we can.

Safety at our training venues
We rent our classrooms at larger venues (Regent’s University in London and Totton College in Southampton) and they are responsible for the health & safety procedures on their premises. We keep in regular contact with them and fully inform our students of their requirements.

Within the classroom LSSM applies the latest government guidelines for social distancing in education establishments. However, because Soft Tissue Therapy (and massage) is not a Statutory Regulated profession we are classified as being in a “Close Contact Service”. This category has stricter safety protocols which we have to follow when students practice hands-on techniques on each other.

LSSM keeps students fully informed of the health & safety procedures we need to follow and they can discuss any individual concerns with us (latest information available on request).

If a student cannot attend a class because of Covid
If tested Positive or instructed to isolate:

  • We will first try to offer you the same classroom session with a later course. (We run more courses in London so students from Southampton may have to go there instead)
  • Much of the course content can now be seen on the ISRM video library and our other online resources so students can catch up partly with these.
  • In conjunction with our online resources we can arrange short catch-up sessions within a standard weekend programme.
  • One to one catch-up tutorials can be arranged with Mel Cash at our office in Willesden Green, NW London, on a weekday (free).

More serious disruption to training due to Covid.
If a student has to miss two or more consecutive course weekends due to Covid, LSSM will consider the best options based on the individual case. Our aim will always be to support a student back onto a later course when they are ready and able to do so.  

In case of a full lockdown
Although this now seems highly unlikely, if there is another lockdown and we are not allowed to deliver face to face classes, we will only suspend the course during this period. We will not cancel any course that has already begun. Students will be able to stay engaged with the course through our online resources and Zoom meetings. As soon as we are allowed to resume classes we will aim to pick up from where we left off and the course will still be delivered in full.

Enrole for any of our BTEC diploma courses and recieve Student membership of the ISRM & all it's associated benifits such as discounts & more.


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Our Central London location

(Courses in Brighton & Southampton also available)

Our History

We began in 1989 following the publication of the first ever book on Sports Massage, written by Mel Cash, and we have remained the pioneer and leader of the profession ever since. Mel is regarded as the World’s leading authority on Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy with four international renowned textbooks to his credit and he runs the LSSM with great passion. Together with his team of the most talented therapists/tutors in the country we train new therapists to achieve success through a range of clinical skills and knowledge that best meet the needs of clients from all walks of life and with a wide range of injury problems.

If you want a stimulating and rewarding lifetime career helping people overcome injury and improve their physical wellbeing, then LSSM has to be the best place to start your journey.