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Soft Tissue Therapy – Where is the Science?

Some people want to dismiss Soft Tissue Therapy because they say it has no scientific basis. But we all use self-massage and stretching because we know it works. This pre-dates modern science by tens of thousands of years. People go to Soft Tissue Therapists because they do these natural remedies better than they can do themselves, and because you can't massage your own back!

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Everyone needs Soft Tissue Therapy

Everyone suffers with aches and pains from time to time but they are often not bad enough for medical treatment so we just have to suffer with them. Or do we?

Soft Tissue Therapy is not a miracle cure but it often comes pretty close. So don’t put up with those chronic aches and pains that get you down, find yourself a Soft Tissue Therapist.

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Want a Rewarding Lifetime Career - Don’t Waste Your Time Learning Sports Massage/Therapy

  • What’s wrong with Sports Massage/Therapy: Too many therapists chasing too little work so the odds are against you making a good career out of it.
  • What’s right with Soft Tissue Therapy: You can treat minor and chronic injuries for the whole population. Biggest market with the greatest potential for a rewarding life-time career. 

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Sports Massage v Soft Tissue Therapy


How Sports Massage came about. 

So how did ‘Sports Massage’ become a mini-industry?

Misled by ‘Sports Massage’

Is Sports Massage a good job?

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

Career potential in Soft Tissue Therapy


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The Definition of Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy is now clearly defined and should only be used by those with the clinical skills that meet the definition.

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Career Success in Soft Tissue Therapy

This article describes how good training and experience develops into a successful lifetime career in Soft Tissue Therapy.

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Physiotherapy v Soft Tissue Therapy

  •  Physiotherapy has changed a lot over the years.
  • The old traditional hands-on techniques that Physiotherapists used to use are still as effective today as they ever were, also patients still like them and respond very well to them. Indeed, we now put on special Soft Tissue Therapy courses for recently qualified Physiotherapist who desperately want to develop these hands-on skills again
  • Physiotherapy training takes three years on a full-time degree with tuition fees of nearly £30,000, plus living costs.
  • Soft Tissue Therapy training only costs around £3,000 on a part-time (usually weekends) course taking no more than a year.

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What do the different qualification Levels in massage mean

Level 3 is equivalent to a school GCSE

Level 4 is equivalent to a school ‘A’ level or university entry standard

Level 5 is equivalent to a university under-graduate

All awarding bodies (BTEC, ITEC, VTCT, etc) have to use the same criteria when approving qualification Levels

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What the different therapy titles mean

What do these titles mean?

Masseur (male), Masseuse (female) or Massage Therapist. Sports Massage Therapist. Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist. Soft Tissue Therapist.

What titles can we use? You are free to use any title that is not otherwise protected but it must be fair and honest.

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